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Ensuring your safety is our top priority, backed by thorough instructions for a worry-free experience. Situated in the scenic landscape of Lewisville, TX, we proudly serve every lake in the DFW area!

Whether you crave excitement on Lake Lewisville or tranquility on Lake Grapevine, Retro Jet Ski Rentals is your go-to destination. Count on us to provide everything you need for an unforgettable day of fun under the sun. Choose Retro Jet Ski Rentals for the ultimate lake adventure and create cherished memories with us!

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Are you looking for something to do on a hot summer day? Why not spend your time cruising around Lake Lewisville or Lake Grapevine? We have the perfect means of transportation for you. Retro Jet Ski Rental has a wide variety of Jet Skis for rent in the Lewisville, TX area. For only $500, you get access to two state-of-the-art Jet Skis from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. You'll have plenty of time to explore all the coves and bays our lakes have to offer. Not to mention catching plenty of waves along the way!

Ready to hit the lake? You can learn more about our Jet Ski rental services by calling 512-680-1218 or (214) 803-5951 today.

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Partnering with a Jet Ski rental company has never been so easy. We pride ourselves on our affordability, reliability and friendly customer service. We also promote safety during the rental period, which is why we go over operating the vehicle and safety measures. You can trust you'll have a great time when you choose Retro Jet Ski Rental.

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When it comes to our Jet Ski rentals, we aim to accommodate all our clients. This includes being flexible in our rental options. When you rent from us, you can either choose:

  • Pickup: Great for those who have their own Jet Ski trailer and vehicle to tow
  • Delivery: Our team will drop off and pick up your rented Jet Skis at a designated time

Plus, our Jet Ski rental services come with life jackets. Before you get on your watercraft, we'll make sure you're outfitted with the life vest you need. Learn more by reaching out to us now.